Historic Handworkes

Historic Handworkes is a company that celebrates and reproduces authentic historical needlework. The changing significance through the centuries of stitch work in the lives of women, from royalty to ordinary school children remains a fascination even in our modern times.

Motifs and pictorial patterns full of symbolism were passed from generation to generation over centuries and across national boundaries by means of pattern books and borrowed examples. Inscriptions, verses, and extractions were stitched by one hand holding one needle, where the needle became the pen writing down the maker's sense of frustration, joy, or sorrow; resonating their social history while living in turbulent centuries of the past.

Historic Handworkes reproduces these works of art and charts are complete with detailed instructions and stitch diagrams enabling modern hands to touch the original pattern makers for one moment in time bringing these pieces to life exactly as they were originally made.

It is important to honor that Samplers are the only antiques in existence that were largely made by children and young adult women. The historical pieces and their aesthetics stand as a beautiful art form and as such, are truly priceless.