Mary Phillipson Sampler Circa 1801


This beautiful English sampler was originally stitched on fine linen with bright glossy silks. The colors on the front of the original sampler are as brilliant as those on our reproduction. A four sided arcaded meandering border surrounds the sampler. Inner rose and carnation horizontal bands highlight two distinct verses:

Scare an ill to human life belongs
but what our follies cause, or mutual wrongs.
Or in some stripes from providence we feel, He strikes
With pity and but wounds to heal.

Health is a rich and heavenly gift, descending from on high.
What empty titles cannot gain, nor sordid riches buy.
Health is the parent of content, composer of our strife-
Adds sweetners to our joys below, without it what is life.

A limited number of stitches are used to execute this sampler: cross, tent, trellis, and bullion.

Stitched on 35 ct lambswool, the sampler will measure 14X 20. The original sampler is in the collection of Historic Handworkes.

This sampler is recommended for intermediate and advanced level needle workers.

A special thank you to Connie Jensen who stitched this exquisite reproduction.