Sarah Brereton Circa 1799


Sarah Brereton's sampler is a fine example of early lettering samplers which often included upper and lower case letters. Some early samplers have missing letters. The early Latin alphabet only had 23 letters and Old English was strongly influenced by the Romans. The "W" was not used, and the letters "I", "U", "V", "J", and "I" were interchangable. In some early samplers a lower case "s" can be mistaken for a modern day letter "f".

Sarah was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Brereton whose residence was St. Dunstan In The West, London England.

Stitched on 32 count White Chocolate linen from Wilchelt Imports, the sampler will measure 9 X 7 and was sitched in Au Ver A Soie stranded silk. The entire sampler is executed in cross stitch with several half cross stitch accents. The orginal sampler is in the collection of Historic Handworkes.